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Hazmat Permit and Registration Application Website

For the Alliance for Uniform Hazmat Transportation Procedures

Maintained by the National Conference of State Legislatures



This application is for the Uniform State Hazardous Materials Transportation Motor Carrier Registration and Permit Program.

The uniform registration and permitting application shall be completed by all motor carriers who:


Hazardous materials of a type and amount that require the transport vehicle to be placarded pursuant to 49 CFR, Part 172.500 et seq. or

Hazardous waste of a type and amount that requires the shipment to be accompanied by a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest contained in 40 CFR, Part 262, including “state designated hazardous wastes.” State designated hazardous wastes are additional hazardous wastes that have been officially determined by states that have been authorized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to manage RCRA programs within their respective states; or

Low-level radioactive waste regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission under 10 CFR, Part 20 and 10 CFR, Part 61.

And who operate in the following jurisdictions that participate in the uniform registration and permit program:

Michigan, Oklahoma — Hazardous Waste Only

West Virginia — All Hazardous Materials

Nevada — All Hazardous Materials, Part III for Radioactive Materials

Note: Transportation of wastes not covered under the Uniform State Hazardous Materials Transportation Motor Carrier Registration and Permit Program may have additional permit/registration/manifest requirements in various program states. Questions should be directed to the specific program state regarding the waste transportation as noted below:

Michigan — Non-hazardous liquid industrial waste, scrap tires, PCB

Please refer to the instructions that accompany this application before contacting the base state with questions or requests for additional information.


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This online Hazmat Alliance application was developed to save carriers time and reduce errors when completing their annual renewals.


Easy to use

Streamlines the entire application process.

Saves user data for faster renewals each year.

Reduces calculation errors and missing data.

After completing all parts of this online application, users will be presented with a filled-out PDF document to be printed and mailed.

You must read and agree to the above statement before continuing.

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